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Photos by DeMill Dixon
Competing in hurdles are (from left) Joshua Blake of Potts Camp, Martavious Smith of Byers, JaBryan Pegues of Potts Camp and Stennet Walls of Ashland,

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Racing toward the finish line are (from left) Malasha Faulkner of Potts Camp, A’Quira Shine of Ashland and Mackenzie Brownlee (far right) of Potts Camp.

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Amanda Pickens of Potts Camp releases her toss in the shot put competition at the Region 2-1A meet last week.

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Photos by DeMill Dixon
Competing in the hurdles are Keyonna Washington (left) of H.W. Byers and Chantora Cheairs of Ashland.

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Potts Camp’s Shuntavius Gardner throws the discus.

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(Left) Alex Hawkins of Potts Camp takes his turn in a relay race. (Right) Lady Cardinal Gracie Mills competes in the 1600 meter run.

Potts Camp boys first in district

Potts Camp hosted the District 2-1A Track Meet Thursday and claimed first in the boys and second in the girls.

Team scores for the boys were first, Potts Camp, 134 points; second, Myrtle, 69; third, Ashland, 47; and fourth, H.W. Byers, 7;

Team scores for the girls were first, Myrtle, 133; second, Potts Camp, 90; third, Ashland, 22; and fourth, H.W. Byers, 17.

The top four finishers in the various events are advancing to the regional meet this Saturday at Center Hill.

Girls 4x800 meter relay – Meeya Gordon, Anastasha Bernethy, Morgan Loftin, Evertnequa Gardner, Potts Camp, 15:41, second.

Boys 4x800 meter relay – Amir Collins, Jaquives Muse, Omar Almuntaster, Detrez Marion, Potts Camp, 11:42.11, second.

Girls 3200 meter run – Gracie Mills, Potts Camp, 14:10.53, second; Dajah Turner, Ashland, 15:13.05, third.

Boys 3200 meter run – Anthony Hill, Potts Camp, 13:22.30, third.

Girls 100 meter hurdles – Chantora Cheairs, Ashland, 19.61, first; Keyonna Washington, Byers, 20.44, third.

Boys 110 meter hurdles – Jabryan Pegues, Potts Camp, 19.48, first; Joshua Blake, Potts Camp, 21.87, second; Stennet Walls, Ashland, 21.98, third; Martavious Smith, Byers, 27.91, fourth.

Girls 100 meter dash – Malasha Faulkner, Potts Camp, 14.86, first; Alex Pickens, Potts Camp, 14.88, second; Mackenzie Brownlee, Potts Camp, 14.90, third; A’Quira Shine, Ashland, 15.32, fourth.

Boys 100 meter dash – Cornelius Jones, Ashland, 12.04, first; Kylan Conners, Potts Camp, 12.32, second; Alex Hawkins, Potts Camp, 12.34, third; KeDavian Falkner, Potts Camp, 12.71, fourth.

Girls 4x200 meter relay – Ashley Anderson, Jasmine Anderson, Mackenzie Brownlee, Tamyia Spencer, Potts Camp, 2:06.77, first; Ashland, third, 2:23.01.

Boys 4x200 meter relay – Anthony Bryson, Martavious Frost, Jabryan Pegues, Markeo Rainey, Potts Camp, 1:41.36, first; Ashland, 1:53.66, second.

Girls 1600 meter run – Gracie Mills, Potts Camp, 6:22.82, first; Dajah Turner, Ashland, 7:07.43, third.

Boys 1600 meter run – Amir Collins, Potts Camp, 5:57.54, third.

Girls 4x100 meter relay – Alex Pickens, Mackenzie Brownlee, Jazmine Anderson, Ashley Anderson, Potts Camp, 56.43, first; Ashland, 1:06.98, third.

Boys 4x100 meter relay – Tabarius Jackson, Martavious Frost, Kedavian Faulkner, Alex Hawkins, Potts Camp, 47.15, first; Ashland, 47.23, second.

Girls 400 meter dash – Malasha Faulkner, Potts Camp, 1:07.24, second; Meeya Gordon, Potts Camp, 1:11.47, third.

Boys 400 meter dash – Trell Kimmons, Potts Camp, 55.33, first; Jabryan Pegues, Potts Camp, 56.16, second; Tebarius Jackson, Potts Camp, 1:03.45, third.

Girls 300 meter hurdles – Keyonna Washington, Byers, 52.35, first; Chantora Cheairs, Ashland, 56.79, third.

Boys 300 meter hurdles – Martavious Frost, Potts Camp, 47.66, first; Kylan Conners, Potts Camp, 52.53, second; Joshua Blake, Potts Camp, 56.53, third; Stennet Walls, Ashland, 1:04.55, fourth.

Girls 800 meter run – Gracie Mills, Potts Camp, 3:00.42, second; Meeya Gordon, Potts Camp, 3:10.38, fourth.

Boys 800 meter run – Jaquives Muse, Potts Camp, 2:43.24, fourth.

Girls 200 meter dash – Keyonna Washington, Byers, 29.78, second; Mackenzie Brownlee, Potts Camp, 30.13, third; Malasha Faulkner, Potts Camp, 30.29, fourth.

Boys 200 meter dash – KaDavian Falkner, Potts Camp, 26.02, first; Peyton Lockett, Byers, 28.03, second; Tebarius Jackson, Potts Camp, 28.12, third; Emit Bell, Ashland, 28.89, fourth.

Girls 4x400 meter relay – Tamyia Spencer, Meeya Gordon, Evertnequa Gardner, Amanda Pickens, 5:38.07, second.

Boys 4x400 meter relay – Trell Kimmons, Markeo Rainey, Anthony Bryson, Jabryan Pegues, Potts Camp, 3:57.27, first.

Girls long jump – Alex Pickens, Potts Camp, 15-09, first; Keyonna Washington, Byers, 15-05, second; Ashley Anderson, Potts Camp, 13-05, fourth.

Boys long jump – Trell Kimmons, Potts Camp, 22-09, first; Cornelius Jones, Ashland, 20-08, second; KeDavian Falkner, Potts Camp, 18-08, third; Anthony Bryson, Potts Camp, 17-04, fourth.

Girls high jump – Malasha Faulkner, Potts Camp, 4-04, first.

Boys high jump – Kylan Conners, Potts Camp, 5-08, first; Martavious Frost, Potts Camp, 5-04, second; Amir Collins, Potts Camp, 5-02, third.

Girls shot put – Amanda Pickens, Potts Camp, 23-10, fourth.

Boys shot put – Kalif Alford, Potts Camp, 41-02, first; Wesley Thomas, Ashland, 37-11, second; Shuntavius Gardner, Potts Camp, 36-07, third; Henry Bell, Potts Camp, 31-01, fourth.

Girls discus – Jasmine Hudson, Potts Camp, 75-08, fourth.

Boys discus – Wesley Thomas, Ashland, 118-01, first; Javion Walton, Potts Camp, 104-05, second; Shuntavius Gardner, Potts Camp, 81-10, fourth.

Girls triple jump – Ashley Anderson, Potts Camp, 29-03, second; Alex Pickens, Potts Camp, 29-00, third.

Boys triple jump – Cornelius Jones, Ashland, 43-08, first; Trell Kimmons, Potts Camp, 40-06, second; Erik Bell, Ashland, 38-05, third; Anthony Bryson, Potts Camp, 36-05, fourth.

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