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Locals enjoy beach vacation

Vicki and Walter Webb recently returned from a beach vacation. They joined Mary Glen and Patrick Carlton and children, Mary Grace and William.

Amy and Perry Mask and children, Josh and Juston, as well as Jordan Ladd, enjoyed their vacation in Sandestin, Fla.

Small town living at its best happens Saturday mornings around the courthouse square. I was out and about and ran into Helen Power. She had just been to the local farmers market on the west side of the square. I had ridden through, but did not see a soul (I was on the east side). She let me know Hal Stroupe and his beautiful wife, Eleanor, had home-grown tomatoes. There is nothing better in this world than a freshly sliced tomato with just enough salt and a smattering of Hellman’s. I normally get my tomatoes from Carpenter’s, as well as a variety of other scrumptious home-grown goodies, but figured since I was close to the square, I would ride back around there. Sure enough, Eleanor and Hal were there, tomatoes all laid out. They were all so red and beautiful, it was hard to pick just a few! I came home, peeled two and ate them immediately. Have had one every day since. They are some of the best tomatoes I have ever had! I wanted to buy a loaf of Jeannie Fant’s bread, as everyone just raves about how melt-in-your-mouth good it is, but she had just sold out. Maybe this weekend?

Driving into the parking lot of Carlisle’s CashSaver last week, I saw what I believed to be a familiar face walking down the street. The tall, thin figure was dressed in all black and it was a hot day. Sure enough, by the time I parked, the man had made his way to the store. I was so pleased to see it was David Hill! I had not seen him in quite a while and thoroughly enjoyed visiting as we walked into the grocery together.

It truly is the people of days gone by, as well as our colorful newcomers, who make our town extra special. Whether it is running into an amazing person on the street or purchasing produce from another on the square, the locals are the lifeblood of our precious hometown!

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