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To know David Person was to love him

Charlie Douglas of Flowood was the guest of Leigh Douglas Friday.

Holly Springs has lost another beautiful soul last week with the death of David Person. Most all residents knew him, as he made it a point to be seen around town in all aspects. David was one of the first people to bring a home back to its grandeur when he bought and completely renovated Crump Place. Older homes like that can be stuffy, but David added his personal flair, making a house a home. He later sold Crump and bought Burton Place. Talk about bringing something up from the ashes...that home needed serious tender loving care. He smiled throughout the process and was so proud of the end result. Burton shines like a new penny to this day due to the hard work and perseverance of historian at heart, David.

He hosted a party back during the restoration of Burton Place to show friends how it was coming along. One would expect to have seen tarps laying hither and yon, paint cans, scaffolding, etc. Not a lick of that was to be seen. What was prevalent were the beautiful exposed walls, pipes and duct work. Even then, not completed, he beamed ear to ear with the progress made thus far and the beauty of entire process. The end result truly was and is spectacular.

To have known David was to love him. His personality was simply magnetic. Never, in all of the years I knew him, did he wear a frown or speak ugly of anyone. His zest for life was absolutely contagious. His love for Holly Springs was even more so. He made believers out of a lot of people who ventured down the rabbit hole of whoa is me for living here. He was proud of every venture he took on and handily finished. He did not show his properties in a boastful manner at all. He was a very humble man in that regard. He just wanted everyone to love the history of old places as much as he did.

David was one of a kind and will be missed by so many, as he was adored.

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