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Welcome to the world - Lola James Nowell

Welcome to the world, Lola James Nowell! She was a beautiful Christmas gift delivered Christmas Eve morning to Lauralee and Taylor Nowell. Her beaming grandparents are Dianene and David Fant, along with greatgrandmother Lola Dicker son

Christmas 2020 is in the books. What a bizarre Christmas for everyone. In years past, there would be social media posts with large family gatherings, inside and out. Sets of grandparents from both sides breaking bread with their families. This year, the pictures were much different. Grand parents stayed home for fear of the virus. My daddy was scared to come here, missing Christmas for the first time in two decades. He was afraid he would either bring the virus with him or take it back when he left. I know many others who have the same story regarding their parents/grandparents. If families did gather, masks were worn and fist bumps were had instead of cheek kisses and hugs.

There has always been a laundry list of things to do for a “happy and prosperous” new year. I have seen several variations of it throughout the years. One I recently saw has the following on it: blackeyed peas, cabbage, cornbread, fish, grapes, greens, honey, noodles, oranges, pomegranate, pork, rice and round cake. I cannot stand greens (I find them slimy and smelly), but I believe I will have two servings and even drink the liquor they produce! I am usually out like a light by midnight. I think this year we all need to be wideeyed and bushy-tailed when the clock strikes just to make certain 2020 is officially over.

Here is to a happy, healthy and wonderful beginning to 2021!

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