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Let people know they are loved

Grady Brooks spent the weekend in Cleveland, Miss. He travelled with Caitlyn and Trace Bray. While there, they all celebrated Trace’s birthday.

The closer we get to the holidays, the more memories of loved ones gone flood to the forefront. During what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, some struggle in finding that happiness. They may look put together on the outside and cheery, but there is a storm brewing internally.

Mental health is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in this day and time. Physical wounds are easy to see, mental ones? Not so much. Keep an eye out for your friends or anyone, really, who may need an encouraging word or several.

“It gets better” may sound like sage advice, but it really is not. Does it ever really get better or does the pain just ease into fond memories?

Let those around you know they are loved, even if they can be intolerable at times. Be sure your friends are aware you are available to listen if they need an ear.

Love fiercely and always know that it is darkest just before dawn.

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