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Counting blessings while reflecting on our town and its people

Rowan Thompson of Dallas, Texas, was the recent guest of his sister and niece, Kay and Laura Wheeler, last week. He enjoyed spending time with family and friends. He also went to Oxford to enjoy the Ole Miss versus South Carolina game with college friends from all over the country

Congratulations to Erin Burleson on her new position as director of alumnae relations for the Delta Pi chapter of Delta Gamma at the University of Southern Mississippi. Erin is the daughter of Pam and Barry Burleson and a freshman at USM.

In a year that has been completely upside down, it may be hard to come up with a list of things for which one is thankful. Reflecting on our precious town since March, there are many blessings that come to mind for me.

When we had a paper goods shortage, as well as cleaning sprays and wipes, Carlisle’s and Booker Hardware got in shipments to help the burden. If not for small businesses like these, I would hate to imagine what lengths people would have gone to in order to tend to what some of those products are used to handle.

When everyone was on high alert regarding this awful virus and scared they may have it, local health clinics helped ease worries. Our health professionals were steadfast in their willingness to get tests in, reassure their patients and offer shoulders to cry on when loved ones fell ill. If not for small clinics, our general and mental health would have been in jeopardy

Having access to maintenance medications is of the utmost importance for not only the elderly, but for those of us who require them for other reasons. Tyson Drugs met the call every single time to fill prescriptions for symptoms of the virus, as well as the monthly pills. They did not skip a beat. If not for them, we would have been falling out from anxiety, heart attacks, strokes and I am sure much more.

As easy as it is to open an app, “add to cart” and attempt to ship, it is not always the answer. Big box stores were struggling to fulfill orders, some not even operating during the first few months of the lockdown. Lucky Liles Boutique, Regel and Company and Retro Rooster filled the need for those needing flowers or gifts during that time as birthdays did not stop because of a virus. If not for amazing local businesswomen, our birthday wishes or just need to shop fix would not have been possible.

Our children needed to finish their school year; mine was a senior. City, county and private schools alike answered the call. They came together, figured out a plan and had most children online and working to end the year. If not for our teachers, well I cannot fathom what we would have. Being locked down did not stop crime, although it did put a major kink in the line. Our local LEOs were on top of it both in the city and the county. If not for the men and women in blue, we would not be protected.

Having to stay at home allowed us all to spend more time with family. For some, maybe more than they actually wanted. For others, it was time well spent with sick loved ones who may not have made it out of this year. If not for caring hearts of our community, those who were lost may not have felt that love through phone calls.

There are a litany of reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving holiday, may be more than any other year. Reflect and be proud we live here where everyone cares for one another and rolls up their sleeves to help in a time of need. We are so fortunate to have what we do have so instead of saying “I wish we had...”, take advantage of what we do have to offer. Shop locally ~ there is not one thing we need outside of our county or zip code that our own people do not offer.

When I count my blessings this year, I will count Holly Springs and our people twice.

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