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Congratulations to Claytons; exercise your right to vote

Congratulations to Graham Clayton on the announcement of a baby sister who will be joining him in the Spring of 2021. Kelsey and Davis Clayton, as well as Lisa and Greg Shaw, are over the moon with excitement. Great times ahead for this sweet little family.

Marshall Academy hosted its annual Fall Festival Monday night. A fun time was had by everyone in the community who attended, students and townspeople alike. The event featured a haunted house, hosted by the senior class, a “jail,” bouncy castles, costume contest and an auction for baked goods. If you were fortunate enough to win a cake made by Betty Whaley, you truly hit the jackpot. She is sweet enough to donate yearly for a wonderful cause. A big thank you to all who came out to support the PTC.

Grady Brooks celebrated his birthday with a supper Sunday night at Kay and Laura Wheeler’s home. Family enjoyed visited with Grady, who is a freshman at Ole Miss, a day after his actual birthday.

Shout out to Retro Rooster for always having exactly what I need, even in a pinch. If you have not been to see their latest sock collection, it is a must. Gone are the days of hating getting socks for occasions, as theirs are truly the best. Also I would be remiss if I did not mention the fabulous Andrea and Anne at Regel and Company. Sugaree cakes are absolutely the best ever and thankfully, they carry half cakes so you can have your favorites. I have said it before but it warrants saying it again – the best part of living in a small town is the one on one you receive from your local boutiques. Miss Dottie at Retro Rooster has pulled me out of a pinch more than once over the phone and in person. We would be hard pressed to find the kind of customer service (and friendships that develop) in a big city. We are blessed beyond measure here.

No matter on which side of the fence you sit, please get out next Tuesday and exercise your right to vote. Not only is the Presidential election slated, we also have statewide issues on which to cast our ballots. If you have not seen a ballot, there are samples at the Marshall County Circuit Clerk's office. Commercials are grand and all, but do some research on the candidates. Just because they have a great director for an advertisement does not mean they are the best candidate for whichever position. Be diligent, be informed and for sure be heard. There is no reason to gripe and moan about any situation if you do not do something to change it. You have that option Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Also a big thank you should be given to our local circuit clerk’s office and all of the election commissioners. They have fastidiously worked for everyone in our county. The courthouse has had lines with absen tee voters. They have helped them in a timely manner to do their due diligence. Sometimes it is the people behind the scenes who are often an afterthought. Be sure to thank them, as well as your poll workers on election day itself. When it runs smoothly, it is those who have made it so by countless hours of hammering out details.

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