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Happy Birthday wishes to Detective Holpe

Congratulations to the Marshall Academy Patriots on a huge win Friday night on the gridiron. The team traveled to Pelahatchie and faced East Rankin Academy. Things were looking grim for the Patriots, as they were down 20-0. Small but mighty comes to mind in that you can never underestimate the power of determination. The Patriots dug in and put up four touchdowns, unanswered. The final score was 24-20 with the Patriots on top! A big shout out to Rusty Bolden and Jack Whaley Smith for making the touchdowns, as well as Walker Sanders at quarterback. Myrtle High School comes to Heath Barnett Field Friday night to mix it up with the Patriots.

Happy Birthday wishes to Detective Justin Holpe! He celebrated turning 25 in style Friday night with a big housewarming party. If you see him out, although it is a few days late, wish him a good one. He is one of the ones who helps keep us all in check and safe. Here’s to many, many more amazing birthdays!

Y’all...if you live or work in town, please step outside on the hour or half hour and listen. Our courthouse bells are chiming once again! It was a beautiful sound last week when I first noticed. I cannot remember the last time I had heard them. It is odd the memories sounds evoke. If you live out in the county, make sure when you come to town to pay attention. It is a beautiful sound!

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