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Tribute to Max McNeill

There are never any words appropriate enough when parents lose a child and siblings lose a brother. This week has been one of those surreal ones where you just look around and wonder if the news was really true. Heaven gained an angel over the weekend with the earthly loss of Max McNeill. As I type this, I have a smile from ear to ear thinking about all the shenanigans he took with him up there. He was one of a kind and there is no doubt in my mind he ran straight to Miss Billie and Bud Holbrook when he swung open the doors.

Max was known far and wide for his off road adventures and his extensive knowledge of all things that had gears – a Gearhead, some called him. He was not afraid to ramble even the most obscure parts of our county, as well as others. His quest for mudding was neverending.

Very few people in this lifetime are fortunate enough to have the type of magnetic personality that has all age groups flocking. Max was one of those. He never met a stranger whether younger or much older than him. Seeing all of the posts of Facebook is a true testament to the type of brother, friend, man and son he was. He was the best friend anyone could have – if ever a friend was in a pinch, no matter where or when, they knew they could make one call and Max would be there to help.

Being in Holly Springs, we all know one another well, most especially children. When Max was growing up and even in adulthood, his name was not mentioned unless it started off “Listen to this...” and there would be some cool story behind the fun Max had been having. Truly his name was never affiliated with anything awful or sinister. Max was who he was and I can say with absolute certainty, he was one of the best.

His life may have been short on this earth, but he impacted more people than I think he ever would have realized. On the sunniest of days, it will be Max shining down his warmth. On the stormy days, Max will be the thunder letting everyone know he is up there raising it. Nobody would expect anything else from his free-spirited, wonderful soul.

Please remember his beautiful Momma, Robin, his Daddy, Ken, his four sisters, Megan, Arielle, Hannah and Bronwyn, his other half, Kelsey Gittinger, as well as all of his nieces and nephews, brothers-in-law and his extended family. They will need all the positive vibes one can muster in the days, weeks and months to come.

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