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Back-to-school breakfast for seniors

This week begins in-person school for some of ours in the city and county. Spring break is finally over as the new year begins.

The Marshall Academy senior class had their last first day breakfast at Southern Eatery on the square Mon day. The students enjoyed getting back together after the five-month break, then went on to the beginning of their last high school year.

A lot of college children have moved on to their destinations from here. Some have even begun classes. Others are waiting for their appointment times to move in to their dorms.

Good luck to all of the schools, most especially coaches and teachers. The younger group seems to be much more adaptable and will hopefully do their part.

As a parent, it is a scary time for all of us. The unknown about this virus, reoccurrence rate and long-term affects are all in the forefront of our minds. Thankfully, as a community and town, we have done our level best to keep our virus numbers down.

Life must go on; I get it I truly do. Just please be mindful of others as everyone is doing the best they can. What is right for one may not be right for another.

If you feel you have symptoms, please get tested. If you have been knowingly exposed, get tested.

Coronavirus is not something anyone should be ashamed of having. In most cases, it is of no fault of the positive person who has it. Criticizing or shaming someone who does have it is not helping the situation. We have a worldwide pandemic.

The best we can do is help our neighbors and check in on them if they do have it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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