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Fun trip to Newnan, Ga.

Grady, Laura Wheeler and I traveled to Newnan, Georgia, over the weekend to stay with my daddy, Hank Wheeler. We went to Warm Springs Friday, which is home to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Little White House.” There is a museum on site with all sorts of historical facts that were beyond fascinating, including how FDR brought electricity to Meriwether county. The bed in which he died is located in the Little White House, as well. The museum houses the unfinished portrait of FDR as well as a finished rendition since he died during the sitting for the portrait. The area where Grady is sitting in the picture (at right) was one of Franklin Roosevelt’s favorite spots.

We went over the longest and oldest covered bridge in the state of Georgia. It was beautifully constructed and looked brand new. A little creek ran under it.

There is a gorgeous state park in Coweta County that butts up to the Chatta hoochee River. There are cabins available to rent, as well as extensive camper spots.

Newnan has an open air market the first Saturday of every month. We meandered up there and two sides of the square were blocked off for vendors. They offered everything from fresh vegetables to boiled peanuts and fried pies. They also have a smaller, mainly vegetable farmer’s market right outside of town. Going to that one made me appreciate our local farmer’s market on the square and Carpenter Farms so much more. We had to stand in line before the market “opened” just to assure that we would be able to have a good picking of tomatoes and preserves. It was odd the things we take for granted, like being able to go to Carpenter’s whenever and have a great selection of all things fresh.

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