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Group vacations in Destin

Beth and Roy Billions and son Eli, Caitlyn and Trace Bray, Elizabeth and Vince Hoyt, Jordan Ladd, Aaron McAlexander, Ashton McMullen, Josh Mask and Megan and Casey Shaw just returned from a week in Destin, Fla. The group spent one day out on Crab Island and the rest of the time enjoying amazing food and each other’s company.

Will Carlton of Steamboat Springs, Colo., was the guest of Vicki and Walter Webb last week. While here, he also visited with his father, Collier Carlton.

Amidst this Coronavirus pandemic, I have to say the waiting for results is the absolute worst. Grady had been to a party (the count was under the state mandated amount of people by quite a few). He got word that one of the partygoers tested positive for the virus. Her only symptom was loss of taste. She never ran a fever, never had a cough or shortness of breath. Nearly a week after being exposed, Grady was tested. Although we have all heard horror tales of them poking your brain with the long Q-tip to grab the sample, he said it was not nearly that awful. He was tested on a Monday morning. He was quarantined the entire time, not knowing if he was going to test positive or not.

After being tested, Grady had a horrible cough. It was so bad, it would keep him up at night. He just knew he was positive for the virus. How could he not be after having been in close proximity to the infected person? Five long days later his results were in and they were negative. Never have I been more relieved in my life to have gotten that text. Naturally, he was in the wind that afternoon and has been hard to wrangle since.

His friend who tested positive is doing fine. She never showed any of the other symptoms that come along with having it.

Happiest birthdays to Tawandra Butler, who celebrated Wednesday. She is one of Holly Springs’ finest on the police force. If you see her out patrolling, be sure to say happy birthday. Here’s to many, many more, Butler.

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