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MA - an extended family

Friday ended a 20- year span of my children walking the halls of Marshall Academy with Grady having his “last” day of his senior year. To say it is bittersweet is an understatement. When I was in lower elementary, we came to visit my Nonnie. I “shadowed” at the school to give me something to do. Never would I have guessed I would have met my “Bruddah,” Charlie Douglas, that day. Four years later, we moved here and I was enrolled at Marshall.

Having come from a large public school, it was a bit of an adjustment being in a small class environment. Back then, there were probably close to 500 students at Marshall Academy but it was kindergarten through 12th grade, not just high school.

We had some of the best teachers around who would “tell your Momma” if you stepped out of line in class. You knew they would, too, because they were either friends with your Momma or your grandparents. The same still stands today, as Marshall Academy is more than a school – it is an extended family. Even when you are not “connected” to it, the bonds you made either by your going or your children being students last a lifetime.

If ever anyone is on the fence about sending their children to a smaller school, jump. There are experiences that are offered in a small environment that one would never be able to find when your child is just a face in the crowd. Luckily, my children were taught by my Momma, Kay Wheeler, and Vicki Webb, and also had them as senior sponsors. I was fortunate enough to have them both when I was in high school, too. You will not hear of that type of thing happening in a big school environment.

To all of the graduates out there – better days are coming. This school year may have been a bust (the spring break that never ended), but it has made y’all resilient to most anything else that life throws your direction.

Allen Anderson, Amanda Barnett, Bailey Baxter, Abby Bell, Anushka Bhakta, Grady Brooks, Erin Burleson, Markaylin Burt, Carleigh Cook, Taylor Cox, Brayden Daughtry, Hallee Friend, Sam Greer, Darian Houston, Brady Jeanes, Jeremiah Jones, Keranie Jones, Waylon Langston, Anthony Mayfield, Karina Mays, Jason McDoniel, Sonni McKinney, Mason Moore, Philip Parks, Karlie Potts, C.J. Samoly, Faith Shankle, Meredith Stewart, Laken Vanzant and Kristy Wang – 30 of the graduates who got slighted this year by the Coronavirus. Memories were made during the time they spent together at Marshall Academy, some since 3-yearold kindergarten, some more recently. Always appreciate the bad and the good, both help build character!

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