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Community really comes together in this pandemic

Wow. I never thought I would see in my lifetime something like this virus shut down our country the way it has.

People panic buying has not helped the local situation any. I have tried hard to figure out how one household needs an entire cart full of toilet paper, but maybe someone has a gastric situation so I am not one to judge.

A big shout out to our local business owners, like Carlisle’s Cash Saver, Southern Eatery and Potts Camp Family Medical (I am sure the other clinics are doing the same).

Carlisle’s has remained stocked on all things important and their employees have been nothing short of wonderful in trying to help others.

Southern Eatery has gone from a full-blown buffet to incredible curbside service.

There’s nothing much better than picking up a hot meal of comfort food to take home at the end of a work day.

Potts Camp Family Medical has always been on top of their game, but have really ramped it up with this virus. My child seemed to keep strep throat last year, so is very familiar with the symptoms.

He rode to Potts Camp Monday and sure enough, curbside service.

This is a time when our community really shows out. Once the virus has passed, let’s pray we keep it up because it is a good look on us all!

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