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McKinney celebrates birthday; shop locally

Happy half a century to Linda McKinney! She celebrated her birthday with a getaway weekend to Arkansas with her husband, Paul. Here’s to 50 more fabulous years!

It seems that this worldwide pandemic of Corona virus has brought things to a screeching halt not only in our country, but around the world. Luckily we are in a small town. I feel like we are all around one another and should not necessarily fret as we would if we lived in a major metropolitan area. We are fortunate enough to have neighbors looking out for one another, businesses helping our community by carrying essential items they normally may not carry just to help us get through.

As far as schools go, I have a senior. As disappointing as it may be that he may miss his last prom and possibly formal graduation, I am more than thankful for the precautionary measures the schools are taking. With flu and strep running rampant this time of year anyway, it just makes sense to protect all of the children and teachers alike from possibly being infected. What is even worse to think about is coming in contact with someone who may have it and then taking it home to a loved one, a small child or an elderly grandparent.

As none of us have traveled this path in our lifetime, we need to try and have patience with our government, school officials, medical professionals and most especially, one another. Selectively socializing is one way to help contain any germs, Coronavirus or otherwise. The CDC recommends to not have gatherings of 50 or more. In a town our size, that should not be hard to do in any given situation. Just be cautious if you must go out. Common sense should reign supreme when it comes to washing hands but maybe washing them every time you pass a sink is warranted? Water and soap go a long way whenever germs are present or could potentially be so.

Check on your neighbors, especially if they are older. Even just a reassuring phone call or note left on their door could bring a ray of hope! Also remember to shop locally. We have everything anyone would need right here in our zip code. Better to be safe than sorry, plus you will be helping to continue to stimulate the local economy!

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