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Two girls celebrate first birthdays

A precious baby, Julia Giachelli, daughter of Anna and Maury Giachelli, celebrated her first birthday surrounded by family and friends.

Laura and Alex Williams’ little ray of sunshine, Lauralee Williams, had a perfectly pink first birthday party.

Caitlyn Bray of Cleveland was the weekend guest of Kay and Laura Wheeler. She was in town to attend the 2nd birthday party of Cole, Alea Gurley’s sweet little fellow.

This seems to be the season for flu and strep. Last year, it hit both in the fall and spring. If there is anything to be thankful for, it is that the germs waited until January to start spreading. A piece of friendly advice for those who have chills, fevers or scratchy throats - if you do not go to the doctor, at least stay home as to not infect anyone else. If your children are sick, take the days and keep them home, too!

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