We are so blessed

Close to Nowhere

Being a prospective great-grandmother is exhausting. Daughter Dana, the prospective grandmother, is not nearly as exhausted as I am.

We had our first baby shower at Wall Doxey State Park this past Sunday, at the pavilion near the dock with the huge fireplace in the center.

The weather was perfect, everyone had a great time, including me. Lots of family and friends were there that mostly I see on Facebook. Baby Abby was there, a favorite cousin’s first great-grandchild (it’s apparently going around).

I’ve always called his daughter my niece; she and Dana are the same age and grew up together. Her daughter Miranda, mother of baby Abby is my great-niece. Not actually, but once you get past first cousins, I don’t have a clue.

Parties with lots of finger foods are always fraught with exhaustion. Someone (me) had to fix all of it – cheese ball/dip, fruit dip, the fruit itself, cupcakes (almost a 100 of them), punch and who knows what all I’m forgetting.

I’m good at forgetting. I couldn’t find the cupcake papers and had to send Matt to the store at 8 p.m. for them. I found them in the car where I’d left them so they wouldn’t get lost.

I had one of baby Lucas’ onesies out the other day, showing it to someone (I’ll eat you up I love you so! from “Where The Wild Things Are.” Book was part of the present also). I can’t find that onesie anywhere. I found the cupcake wrappers as soon as we got home from the shower.

Mom-to-be Meredith (oldest granddaughter) had a wonderful time. Not only did she get a lot of really nice “stuff,” she got to see many friends from school and lots of family that we never see. And, as an extra added bonus, Tim’s mom and dad were there, two of his younger brothers (Tim is one of seven sons), and his Nana. They were all lots of fun.

Is it odd when both families get along really well? I think all the grandmothers are going to be OK sharing baby Lucas.

There were several guys there, including my older brother Dennis. I know he likes to eat finger foods, so he was happy. He and Nana sat and talked most of the time.

Tim had a ball. Mere had to keep dragging him back to the present opening part. He was busy chopping wood for the fire. He brought nearly a truckload and was having a ball busting it up.

I got Tim a present as well – a soft dinosaur hand puppet. He was thrilled. Now he’ll have something to chase and bite the baby with.

We are so blessed!

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