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And y’all thought I was bad! I don’t even come close to gadget crazy, compared to my youngest brother Danny. Currently single and 40ish, he only has his dog Maggie Mae to help keep him out of the tech aisles. He blogs and writes on Facebook and I laughed out loud reading this. I’m hoping y’all will get a laugh out of this also.

– Linda Jones

So it begins...

Today has been a good one for me. The giant, snarling, never sated monster otherwise known as my addiction to electronic toys had finally taken a day off, I naively rationalized. Maybe it was terrorizing some other weak and easy target, but this wasn’t my concern anymore. I had been set free and would forever mark this day as one of liberation. I almost had to laugh at how silly it had been. Seriously, how many Bluetooth speakers does a guy who never listens to them and always ends up giving them away to the first woman he passes need anyway? Apparently four at last count.

But that was my past life now, and I vowed to never again be the type of person who buys things they don’t need, especially if I already have one, or the desired object is completely impractical. Wanting to note this day’s date for historical records I looked down at my smartwatch and saw... that it needed charging. Some might think it odd or impractical to have your timepiece stop working for an hour or more to charge during the time frame that it is supposed to be working.

These people obviously don’t own smartwatches, and have even been known to question the IQ level of a person wearing a watch that calls itself smart yet can’t work during certain periods and crucial times such as “always.”

So I noted the date from a battery powered watch I chose from my vast collection of Walmart  $20 - $40  wristwatches.

Not being one to belabor or drone on I quickly moved ahead to a vital task. We all know that reliable transportation is essential to modern life, and a broken front wheel strut now threatened my mobility. It was my last chance before hitchhiking to work later that night. Failure is not an option when your other car is undergoing- ironically- a front end suspension restoration, and your truck is packed full floorboard to ceiling and cab to camper with excess Bluetooth speakers and watches. Oh, if I had only bought that used Ford sedan I’d been eyeing all summer!

But there was no time to dwell on that and with my newfound ability to focus on one thing and one thing only, I was able to fix my car... the silver colored one, not the antique white one.

Now I’m sitting on my couch, the tan one not the burnt red colored one, and count this day as a success from my addiction to acquiring Bluetooth speakers or anything that I don’t need in the first place, secure and content that there’s nothing they could ever dream up and come out with that I would just absolutely HAVE TO HAVE RIGHT THIS SECOND!

Oh, wait. Look at this. Amazon has smart rings...

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