Letters to the Editor

Let’s all show concern and kindness

Dear Editor:

Especially at this time of year, we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We also have so much to be thankful for year-round. Our men and women in uniform locally with our sheriff’s department,  fire department,  paramedics,  doctors and  nurses and yes, our trash pick-up personnel. We are all one people under God. No one is better than his neighbor.

I have a story to tell. In 2016, a 2-and-a-half-year-old child pulled a little red wagon to my house. I did not know his name or for sure where he came from but I felt that God had sent him to me for a reason. I went outside that morning in my pajamas to say hello and guide him home.

Here in the country our homes are far apart. He never spoke a word but he turned his wagon around and I followed him down our long drive and a neighbor’s long drive. Waiting at the road for him to reach the house but not seeing an adult,  I felt led to go to him – not knowing his younger sister had followed him out of the house and she had to be found.

The first responders were Major David Cook and Deputy Tim Redmon. The baby was found in the pool. These brave men took over and gave orders to go in the house with the 10- and 2-year-olds. Every 10 minutes either Major Cook or Deputy Redmon came in the home to check on the children showing so much love and concern. As I left I lost count of the number of men  in uniform standing in a circle at the end of the drive at the road and praying. Feeling the need to join them, I did.

Our brave men and women never know what they will be facing when they get a call from one of us. We are all of one people under God and are thankful for all they do to keep us safe. We have our lives in their hands every day.

I cannot close without telling you about my granddaughter Kathryn, in the U.S. Navy stationed in San Diego, Calif., and on the USSN Carl Vinson Navy Air Craft Carrier. It will be going to sea soon. Let us remember our military protecting this great nation for us to have freedom.

During this Christmas season let us all remember we are all one made in the likeness of God with the ability to show love, concern, kindness and appreciation to our neighbor as ourselves. May God bless us all!

A neighbor and friend,
Mary Dixon

There are still good people in the world

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the people in the Marshall County courtroom for their kindness and concern for my wife on November 17.

We thought she was having a stroke. Everyone acted so quickly to help and call the paramedics.

I don’t know all of your names, only Mrs. Carpenter and my attorney, Phillip Knecht.

Also I want to thank the paramedics for their fast response getting her to the hospital.

This shows that there are still good and kind people around today.

The doctors said she came close to death. Her blood pressure had dropped so low was the cause.

Our sincere thanks to all of you.

Dewey and Mary Seals

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