Efforts continue to save Isaac Chapel (Rosenwald) School

To all Rosenwald School attendees:

I sincerely hope that this letter finds you in a good place in life and you have things you look forward to happening in this year, 2020. There are so many things that can make this become one of the most memorable years in our life. So, with God's help, I believe that is achievable.

Based on some information given to us, you and some of your family members attended the Isaac Chapel (Rosenwald) School during the 1922 to 1959 time period.

As you know, this period of education segregation posed restrictions and limitations on blacks seeing an education. We are aware of how important Rosenwald School was to the people who attended school there. The information and memories that you have regarding Rosenwald are very important to us and we welcome any input you can share with us so that this information can be captured from a historical standpoint and become a key part of our history and legacy regarding education. There are other things happening that will help preserve this information on Rosenwald and the people who attended school there.

In December of 2017, the old Isaac Chapel Rosenwald school building was declared by the Mississippi State Department of Archives and History to be a State Historical Landmark. Working with members in the Isaac Chapel Community, we formed a Restoration Committee and now we are seeking funding from the state and federal governments to help restore the school back to its original form. In addition to its historical significance, we are also researching ways to implement modern day educational activities that will enhance the educational experience in the area.

As we seeking funding from the state and federal resources, there is an immediate need to address some costly repairs to the old building. We are planning an event in March of this year that will help raise local funds to address the needed repairs. Any financial assistance you can make will be greatly appreciated.

The committee members are George Zinn, chairman; Carl DeBerry, co-chairman; Terry King Moore, treasurer; Dorothy Jones Stigall, secretary; Pecola Payne Faulkner, Catherine Parish, Dwight Wheeler, Gary Anderson, Robbie Zinn, members; Laverne Jones, an original teacher of the school is a member; and the late Ethella Hardin Smith, was a member.

You may make checks payable to: Isaac Chapel (Rosenwald) Restoration Committee, 1509 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Holly Springs, MS 38635. If you would like to become a member of this committee, you may contact us at the above address or call (662) 274-0041 or email us at isaacchapel.rosenwald22@ya hoo.com.

Sincerely, George Zinn III

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