Times change, and seldom for the better

Dear Sir:

Two articles in the October 10 issue of your newspaper have reminded me that times change, and seldom for the better. I have lived a long life (perhaps too long), and seen a great many changes. Lately the changes seem to be coming more frequently, especially the unpleasant ones.

I remember when children and dogs ran freely through their neighborhoods; when the dogs relieved themselves without their owners’ carrying the deposits home in their pockets; and when children were safe alone on the streets. Times change, and people get used to their new circumstances. Holly Springs may not be as far down the garden path as Memphis, Tenn., and other, larger cities, but we’re working on it.

Most of our problems can be traced to government. When government is unable or unwilling to deal with criminals, children must be kept on a short leash if they are to remain safe. Government likes to make rules, but it likes rules which will be obeyed. So it makes rules for the law-abiding citizen, and lets the criminal run free. When it does not want to solve a problem, it shifts responsibility to the citizen. Holly Springs may not yet have a pooperscooper law, but it is coming.

On page 15 of the October 10 issue, an article tells us that we will have to bag leaves because the city does not want to find a way to keep them out of the storm sewers or to pick them up often enough to solve the problem. Of course, the problem started when government decided that we could no longer burn the leaves that used to fill the air with that pleasant smell of fall. The mayor said that “over time people will adjust to change.” He’s right. People will get used to it; just like they got used to keeping their children close to them rather than letting them run free.

On page 16 we find another government exercise in rule making. This time it is an amendment to the non-discrimination ordinance. Everyone should prepare to accept the bearded bank teller, or the grocery clerk in a pink frock. The employer is going to have no control over such things; and don’t even think about complaining. That’s hate speech; but, as the mayor intimated, we will get used to it. People always do. If you get a chance, you should talk to someone who grew up in Mainland China or the Soviet Union. You would be surprised at what one can get used to.

Very truly yours,
J.R. Dunworth
Holly Springs

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