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We should demand more from Gov. Bryant, Legislature

Mr. Burleson,

I recently attended one of the Marshall County supervisors’ meetings where our state elected officials were reporting on what was going on in Jackson and how the county will be expected to foot the bill because the state doesn’t have any money.

This is simply not true. Marshall County will be footing the bill because Gov. Phil Bryant and the Legislature decided to use our tax dollars to provide tax breaks for big companies. The ideal that they are doing the best they can and that there is not enough tax revenue to go around is not acceptable.

The priorities of Mississippi state government do not reflect the priorities of Marshall County. As the governor continues to fund big business with our tax dollars rather than provide us with the services we need in terms of jobs, outstanding public schools, and social services, I question his leadership and the leadership of our state legislators.

When my budget at our house has a shortfall or unforeseen expenses, I do not give out money. We plan for the unexpected, we manage and save our money and we meet our obligations and responsibilities. I have been unemployed, missed payments, and have no healthcare. I do not have the luxury of the state government to fall back on the county.

Constantly underfunding education and cutting social services such as mental health to provide tax breaks for big companies is not leadership. We should demand more from Governor Bryant and the state Legislature. We should let them know that we are not satisfied with their decision to use our tax dollars to fund tax breaks while cutting funding for education, mental health and other social services. We should ask where is the state funding for improving jobs, infrastructure, and the quality of life in Mississippi?

Where is the Marshall County WIN Job Center and why isn’t it up and running? Where are the training programs to get folks ready for the jobs with the companies that have moved to Marshall County? These are priorities that are easily recognizable by taxpayers, but continuously get overlooked in Jackson by our governor and state Legislature because we don’t have any deep pocket lobbyists.

FYI, in the meeting the Marshall County WIN Job Center was mentioned, but there seems to be some foot-dragging going on in Byhalia that is going to be looked into. Let us pay attention and let our voices be heard.

Wayne C. Jones
A concerned citizen of Marshall Countys

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