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Once a Bearcat, always a Bearcat

Editor’s Note: The following farewell letter, written by Rust College SGA President Atiyah Reed, was also sent to The South Reporter for publication.

To my fellow Bearcats:

It has been nothing but an honor and privilege serving as your Student Government Association president for this academic school year. I must be honest, when I first took on the position as SGA president I had all of these big ideas that I wanted to incorporate on campus. I wanted to leave this massive ever-lasting image as being one of the best student presidents at Rust College. However, as the school year progressed the real task at hand kicked in. During my occupancy I learned that my purpose was never to try and meet the standards of someone else’s success, but to create my own. I learned that my peers didn’t need a leader who wanted just a title. They needed someone who would make them feel like their voice was heard, no matter how big or small the issue might have been. They needed someone who was relatable, who reminded them that there was no such thing as perfection. I’ve had my share of days where I dressed in sweat pants; I was late to class, or even times where I broke down crying calling my mother. Every day wasn’t the easiest, but on the hardest days I learned a valuable lesson. Looking back there’s always room for improvement, but moving I’m proud to say that my peers and I left our mark!

To my support system: Sha’Myiah Hudson, Jordan “Emani” Jones, Janicia Mitchell, Gerraud Williams, Mia Woods, Jaylen Jeffries, Camry Civic, Jarquon Lowe, Justice Lynch, Cheston Woodland, Shakyla Scruggs, Willie Tate Jr. Johnquail Lyons, Damien Jackson, William “Bill” Robinson, Markus McKinney, Emmaja Hancock, Nikalen Billington, Richard Boone, Mr. Don Manning-Miller, Ms. Glenda King, Ms. Tanya Kelly-Kirk, Dean Carlos Lassiter, Dr. Ishmell Edwards, Ms. Dionyal Spencer, Mrs. Sharon White, Mrs. Sharron Goodman-Hill, and Dr. Debayo Moyo, I will never be able to put into words my deepest form of gratitude. From prayer sessions, to being a listening ear, an extra set of hands, or just being present for moral support. Within four years you all challenged, inspired, and forced me to become not only a better leader but a stronger individual. Just in case I haven’t said it enough, thank you once again.

Last but not least, to Dr. David L. Beckley, I wish each student had the opportunity to build the bond that we created. I still remember the first day I introduced myself. I shook your hand as we stood in line waiting to get ice cream and I said “Hi, my name is Atiyah Reed, junior class president, and I am going to be your next SGA president, therefore we should be friends.” And the rest was history. You’ve always created an open door policy and any problem that I presented to you; you gave me your undivided attention.  I appreciated how we sat at your desk, discussed solutions, and just like that with a phone call you made it happen. Thank you for meeting us, the student body, half way.

Once a Bearcat, always a Bearcat. Until next time my Rust College family.

Atiyah Reed

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