Reader responds to mayor's COVID-19 letter

Dear Sir: I read with some interest Mayor

Kelvin Buck’s letter concerning Wyatt Emmerich’s commentary carried in a previous edition of your newspaper. No one can be right all the time, and this time I think the mayor has missed the mark. Mr. Emmerich had advanced the notion that the COVID pandemic ought not be the central controlling factor of our lives. The mayor took the position that no lives must be lost to the pandemic, and that we should do whatever is necessary to prevent the loss of life. That is a noble goal; but an impractical one.

The only way to protect all lives is for everyone to stay home, never going out for any reason. If we did that, we should surely all starve to death in the dark. Someone has to keep civilization afloat. Are the lives of hospital personnel, truck drivers, grocery store workers, refinery workers, and power plant employees any less valuable than those of the rest of us? Some level of commerce must be carried on if we are not to destroy our economy; and some opportunity must be given to people to get out of the house before divorce becomes inevitable.

There has to be some mean between total bunker hunkering and wild partying. Where that mean is located is a matter for discussion and determination. The determination will be made by those we have selected to govern us.

Some of their determinations will be wrong. Which are right and which are wrong will be decided in the cold light of hindsight.

Particularly disturbing was the mayor’s comment complaining that the newspaper had chosen to print Mr. Emmerich’s “misguided thinking.” If problems are to be solved, all sides of the issues involved must be aired; and a course of action chosen after considering all of the options, and determining which is best — or in this case, least bad. Publishing only one side of an issue is not information; it is indoctrination.

Very truly yours, J. R. Dunworth Holly Springs

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