Emmerich's commentary on pandemic misleading

To the Editor:

I read the commentary by Wyatt Emmerich (“The numbers are  the numbers”) and found it to be incomplete and misleading.

While he could be correct about the numbers, he totally misses the risk of someone who doesn't have the socalled natural antibodies he is so eager to push. Death is a reality for some and their families.

With his logic he and others, I assume, who seek to downplay this pandemic such as our governor and many here in Holly Springs, are OK with sacrificing some people so they can keep playing ball and keep stores open as if everything is normal.

I am disturbed by this position simply because it is, in my view, not based on common sense but on other misguided thought processes having nothing to do with true science or the realities on the ground.

While he speaks about how his family is doing fine, I know families who saw the tragedy of another outcome. My friend Rev. Andrew Cheairs lost his twin sister and almost lost another sibling, and one of my employees lost her dad who was also a friend and a resident here in Holly Springs. This is the part of the story Wyatt Emmerich's commentary article leaves out. To him a few deaths are apparently worth a ball game or two, especially since his wife and child, thank God, came out OK.

He seems to suggest none of us need to wear a mask or take any other precautions. We should just ride it out, and like a cowboy who just finished a gunfight at the old corral and left some alive and some dead in his wake, ride into the sunset until he can be seen no more. This is an interesting approach and interesting that our South Reporter chose this commentary to further carry this misguided thinking.

I guess to some, numbers are all that matter. We are all just a number to them. To me one is too many if it can be avoided.

Kelvin Buck
Mayor of Holly Springs

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