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Thoughts on zoning issues, progress in Marshall County

Letter to Editor:

The January 19 edition of The South Reporter had several thought-provoking articles.

One of the articles pertains to the board of supervisors meeting. Mr. Taylor stated that a group wanted to offer weekend entertainment on four-wheelers, and they should have applied to have property rezoned rather than ask for a special exception.  The board attorney agreed that rezoning was the proper way to go. A discussion followed on this topic, such as: is this a business, is it taking in money, is noise a factor.  

At one point Mr. Zinn stated that a person with 50 acres should not be subjected to a rezoning request. The amount of property an individual owns should have no impact on the process required to deviate from the permitted use of the land.

This would defeat the purpose of the various zoning districts, i.e. Agricultural District, Agri­­cul­tural-Residential District, Residential Estate District, Residential-1 District, Residential-2 District, Residential-3 District, Neighborhood Commercial District, and Highway Commercial District.  

Each district has permitted uses, and uses permitted by special exception. When an individual purchases land they need to know what district the land is located in and how it is classified.

Any deviation from the permitted use of the land as outlined in the zoning ordinance needs to be processed through zoning. Special exceptions should be restricted and if approved, approved for a limited time.

 I agree with Mr. Anderson, consultant for the board of supervisors. He stated that people want their property values to be maintained. He also stated that Marshall County’s economic policy is on the right track, and infrastructure is in place, that we are creating jobs for the people and the people will be looking for quality housing. That is a start. There are other concerns that will impact people moving into Marshall County such as: quality education, better roads, not chip and tar which is the composite on many county roads, and the number of dead zones for cellular reception throughout the county.   

Thank you for your time, LeeRoy and Margaret Holmes 

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