Letter to the Editor

County Democrat Party urges support of public education

Dear Editor:

One of the bedrock positions and policies of the modern Democratic Party, both in Mississippi and nationally, is our steadfast and unyielding support for educational opportunity for all children and for public education as an institution.

Our State Party platform reads, in part, “As Democrats, education is our top priority. In the words of former Governor William Winter, we believe the only road out of poverty runs through the schoolhouse doors. That’s why we fully support fully funding, adequately and equitably our public schools to give teachers and students the resources they need to succeed.”   

The members of the Marshall County Democratic Party support that plank of the platform and stand ready to offer both the Marshall County School District and the Holly Springs Municipal Separate School District support in any way we can.  We want to take this opportunity to express that support and encourage others, whether elected officials, community and business leaders, parents or citizens in general to support our local schools especially here at home in Marshall County.

We also would like to recognize and thank those members of our Marshall County Legislative Delegation who are committed to our local public schools and public education in Mississippi. We Demo­crats, as most Americans and Mississip­pians, believe that a strong public education system is the first key to a thriving society and is the engine that drives the American Dream.

We invite all Marshall Countians to join us in support of our public schools – the administrators, teachers, students and support staff – to help them become the best they can be. It is essential that every child in Marshall County have an opportunity to compete and excel, not only here at home but also in a global marketplace and so that our community can grow and prosper and that can only be achieved with strong, thriving public schools.

Kent Falkner, Chairman
Marshall County Democratic Party
Executive Committee Members:
District 1 – Alva Beck, Andre DeBerry, Golston Glover;
District 2 – Lucy Carpenter, Lennell Lucas;
District 3 – Joseph Harvell, Loretta Hull, Andre Jones;
District 4 – Lender Luse, Kent Falkner, Ella Washington, Ivory C. Faulkner, Willie C. Jones, Delia Reid;
District 5 – Wayne C. Jones, William H. “Bill” Stone, Pauline Scales, Verneda L. Taylor, Claude L. Vinson, Mozell A. Kelley.

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