Letter to the Editor

Students with disabilities need opportunities

To the Editor:

Marshall County is vastly growing and as I travel this county viewing its beauty and potential, I often wonder how much more we could do to develop this area.

The schools are a great start to helping advance Marshall County. Industries, businesses, churches, community leaders, county and city officials – we need you. As the new special services coordinator for the Marshall County School District, I am asking for your help. I have several students who would like and need the opportunity to work or gain some job shadowing experience.

We need to develop our young minds into what it takes to have a great community. It starts with developing great citizens. With your help, we can make these students with disabilities feel a part of their community and develop the work skills needed for them to maintain a job.

If you would like more information on how you can help me with the cause of developing even greater students, contact me at the Marshall County School District Central Office, 122 South Spring, Holly Springs, MS 38635 via email at kwiley@mcschools.us or via phone at 662-252-4271.

Katrina Wiley
Marshall County School District
Special Service Coordinator

Holly Springs South Reporter

P.O. Box 278
Holly Springs, MS 38635
PH: (662) 252-4261
FAX: (662) 252-3388

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