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Claudette Marion retires from Farm Service Agency

Well, I sit at my desk, tears in my eyes.

Claudette Marion just ended the last day of a 37- and-a-half-year career serving the farmers, ranchers, and landowners of Marshall and the surrounding counties.

Claudette is a force for goodness and happiness and was amazing to work with – a teacher, mentor, leader, and most importantly a friend to everyone she comes into contact with. Every time I tell someone locally where I work, their standard reply is “oh, you work with Claudette.” I smile each time I get to say “yes, I do.”

Claudette is one of those people who listens, and cares what you are talking about.  Whether it be parenting, religion, work, or any other various topic, she has enough knowledge, experience and a desire to help you.

Getting to work with people you enjoy being around is a blessing not everyone gets. I was lucky; I got to work with Claudette for 10 years.

And now, as much as I may not like it, I am happy that Claudette is able to retire, but I sure am going to miss her here in the office. She has worked hard, and earned the chance for a new chapter in her life.

Chelsea Holleman, one of the new ladies in the office, recently made the comment “folks in Holly Springs are not going to know what hit them, now that Claudette has an extra nine hours every day to be involved in the community.”

I think Chelsea is right. So, if you see Claudette around, give her a hug and congratulate her on retirement.

Claudette, we wish you all the best, and appreciate all you have done for us. I am blessed to call you my friend!  

Good luck and don’t be a stranger.

Jake Easley
County Executive Director
Marshall County Farm Service Agency

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