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Walk down memory lane at Marshall County Museum

Dear Editor,

I grew up in Holly Springs during the 50s and 60s. I read The South Reporter to try to keep up with things there. My father used to refer to it as The South Repeater. I am a Collierville resident now.

I’m chagrined at times how things have changed but still the small town charm still exists. I had occasion to visit the Marshall County Museum the other day while in town for a ‘look around, catch up and visit old friends’ tour. I hadn’t visited since Lois Swaney (who, herself, had her own special manner in guiding one through the museum) turned over the reins ultimately to Jim Moore.

Last time I had seen Jim, he was a little kid in short pants, the same as I remember Harris Gholson. Now they are sporting gray hair, much as myself.

I took the tour, or at least Jim tried to give me the tour. My visit ended up being the telling, retelling and bits and pieces of missing history recounted that each of us shared. The artifacts and items for view were fascinating but so much more was the verbal encounter with Jim.

I give kudos and high marks to his leading me back through the years with such poise and so knowledgably. He is doing a splendid job in his position at the museum, and I consider him a true asset to the ongoing legacy of the city.

The tour was worth so much more than the $5 admission I paid. I will always remember it fondly.

Perhaps a stranger passing through may have not placed as much import after touring but it meant a great deal to me and my personal walk down memory lane via Jim Moore and the Marshall County Museum.

Peter L Smith
Collierville, Tenn.

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