Letter to the Editor

In disbelief about waste management change

Letter to the Editor:

When I heard that Waste Connections, our current  waste management provider, was not awarded a contract renewal I was stunned.

I asked my district supervisor, Mr. Zinn, about this decision, the details used in this determination and that it was not in The South Reporter. Mr. Zinn stated that the decision was recently made and it would be published in the paper.

When I read the article (in the July 20 newspaper) I was in disbelief. The requirement for the company to provide all new equipment (containers, trucks, etc.) only serves to benefit a new company that has not already incurred these expenses.

Per the article, “..the county supervisors took the proposals under advisement, interviewed the providers and the supervisors individually rated each one.” Per board attorney Kent Smith, all the interviews were good, the representatives with the company answered the questions well. Afterward, the bid from Team Waste was accepted as the best plan.

My question is, how? Team Waste costs more, they currently don’t have the equipment to do the job, and when I receive my quarterly statement it’s mailed to Collierville, Tenn.; so much for local business. I wonder who is benefiting from this change; it certainly is not the Marshall County residents.

Thank you for publishing this.

Margaret Holmes

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