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Headlines from papers 50 years ago

Calls often come into the newspaper office asking about articles from many years ago.

Last week, my wife Pam answered one from a person looking for a possible story from the 1970s involving Wurlitzer.

She looked and looked, but to no avail.

She also called the Marshall County Historical Museum and talked to Jim Moore, always a good source.

There were several headlines about Wurlitzer, then a thriving industry in the city. But she didn't find the exact one of interest to this caller.

In April 1971, Wurlitzer marked 10 successful years in Holly Springs.

When digging out old bound copies of The South Reporter, there's always stories and photos that spark interest and memories of days gone by.

It just so happened that this particular bound copy, with all 52 editions from 1971, was 50 years ago.

Wilkins Plumbing and Heating was advertising a 15-foot deluxe Westinghouse freezer for $229.

The Kenwin Shop, Holly Springs' newest ladies' and children's shop, announced its grand opening with a half-page ad. Ladies blouses were $2.

In February, a vicious tornado did a lot of damage in the Bethlehem area of Marshall County. About 30 homes were damaged.

The Marshall Academy Patriots won the State Grand Slam basketball championship. Coaches were Randy Hynum, Noal Akins and David Rather.

Big Star advertised ivory soap ­ four bars for 29 cents.

The Jaycees presented a Man of the Year citation to Harris Gholson.

The Bank of Holly Springs advertised "Bank-By-Mail." It said, "Any mailbox can serve as a `Tellers Window' when you need for it to."

There were many political announcements and other advertisements leading up to August elections. Candidates for sheriff included Lannie Cummings Jr., Calvin C. (Cal) Guffey, Jeff Willard Overton, Henry Roach, Kenneth Smith and Johnny Taylor. The newspaper also had photos from a big downtown political speaking.

Autry Harden of Route 5, Holly Springs, had his photo in The South Reporter. He was holding a rattlesnake he killed in the Laws Hill area. It measured 57 inches and had nine rattles.

The Holly Springs Hawks defeated Olive Branch 62-0 on the football field.

More than 150 new jobs were planned in a proposed expansion at Hoover.

Round steaks at Piggly Wiggly were 80 cents a pound.

Citizens Bank of Byhalia was moving to a new location on Highway 78.

Buford Furniture advertised a seven-piece living room set for $80.

George Taylor, valedictorian of the graduating class at Holly Springs High School, was given a Reader's Digest award in honor of his successful school work and leadership.

Rust College planned a weekend of activities in honor of its 105th birthday.

The future of Highway 78 grabbed the top, front-page headline in December. Fourlane bypasses of Holly Springs and New Albany were in the planning stages.

Your community newspaper is also your history book.

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