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Wednesday road route

My Wednesday morning routine includes a brief newspaper delivery route – about an hour and a half to two hours.

I’ve made a few observations from my weekly ride on Highway 7 South to Abbeville and back and then out Highway 4 West to Chula­homa and back.

First, Highway 7 South from Holly Springs to Oxford might be the fastest stretch of two-lane in the state.

I write this, and I could be the next one to get a ticket, but I can be driving along at between 55 and 60 miles per hour, and other drivers go around me like my Ford truck is sitting still.

I’ve been passed several times when I should not have been passed – a speeding vehicle coming up quickly on my rear bumper, darting around me and just squeezing back in front of me with vehicles coming from the other direction.

Not when delivering newspapers, but I was almost hit by a passing car once on Highway 7. I had to leave the road myself to avoid it.

I’m usually making the Wednesday ride between 7:30 and 9 a.m. I guess folks are late for work or classes at the University of Mississippi.

Be careful on our highways.

And by the way, I do appreciate the presence of the Mississippi Highway Patrol on Highway 7. I’ve see them regularly, including the past couple of weeks. They’re there for our safety.

On a recent Wednesday, after my first stop at Friendly Grocery, I drove on toward the Waterford Post Office and noticed garbage bags filled with trash on the side of Old Highway 7 South. Then deep down in the ditch along the road I saw a man picking up litter.

His clean-up efforts and those of all citizens of Marshall County are appreciated.

Many groups have adopted roadways in the county, helping keep our communities clean.

They shouldn’t have to do it. Please, don’t litter.

I turn on to Highway 310 and go to Keel’s Grocery and then end up at the Abbeville Quick Stop (just inside La­fayette County) before returning north on 7 and stopping at Marion’s.

Highway 310 seems to attract its share of litter. Last Wednesday it looked like someone had pretty much dumped their weekly garbage alongside a portion of 310.

I travel out Highway 4 West, stopping at Dot’s Conve­nience Store and Chul­ahoma Grocery.

I have noticed recently that construction work on High­way 4 just past Chulahoma Grocery is moving along at what seems to be a rapid pace. Any improvements to that crook­ed stretch are welcome. It’s only one of several Mississippi Department of Trans­por­tation projects progressing well in Marshall County – like Highway 72 and I-269.

The vendors who sell The South Reporter on my route and others throughout Mar­shall and Benton counties are always welcoming and accommodating.

They look for us at a certain time because their customers (who in turn are our customers) look for their newspapers at a certain time. And it’s our goal to deliver on time.

I enjoy getting out of the office and delivering papers. I enjoy seeing and visiting with folks along the way.

Thanks for reading your community newspaper.

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