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Lady joins our family

Since the death of our shih tzu a few months back, Pam and Erin have been constant in wanting a new dog.

Pam  searched ads and called shelters and clinics and made personal contacts with friends. I even made a few tries myself, stopping once at the shelter in Olive Branch.

Nothing really fell in place for us.  I told Pam that we just had to be patient. We would find the right dog for us.

And, of course, that’s a non-patient Barry telling a non-patient Pam to be patient. That did not go over very well.

Saturday, Feb. 3, we had to make a trip to Collierville, Tenn., for something and I asked, “Why don’t we just ride by the animal shelter here and see what they might have available for adoption?”

Pam wasn’t too sure. Erin was more like, “let’s do it.”

Erin and I won out.

It was our first trip ever to the Collierville Animal Shelter. We were welcomed.

Then a nice young lady took us through the inside kennels to see what was available for adoption.

The second dog we saw was sound asleep. She had a sign on her kennel that read “Pet of the Week.”

“We just took Lady on a walk and she’s worn out,” the young lady said.

We were shown a couple of more dogs.

The Collierville Animal Shelter was low in numbers, as far as dogs needing homes, and that’s a good thing.

I walked back by Lady.

“Is there any dog you would like to meet?” the employee asked.

Erin and Pam started  walking over my way, too.

Almost in unison, we said, “Can we visit with Lady?”

We waited in a small room while the young lady was getting Lady. As soon as she brought Lady into the room, I quickly knew this was indeed the one.

The Australian shepherd’s hair was so soft. She was about as sweet as sweet can get. She just wanted to be loved and petted. And she was the right size - medium.

Then we heard her story. Lady had been in the shelter twice. The last time she was brought back in on a chain and the shelter staff learned she had been chained to a shed in back of a house.

That clinched it for us.

Procedure at the shelter included employees calling the veterinarian we have used with past pets to check us out and make sure we are “good folks.” And that is a great procedure.

So, we had to wait until Monday to get Lady.

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to drive back to Collierville to visit Lady.

Then Monday, shortly after 8 a.m, the young lady at the shelter called Pam and said, “Lady is yours.”

Pam checked Erin out of school around noontime and they went to the Collierville Animal Shelter and brought Lady to her new home in Holly Springs.

After more than a week of us getting used to Lady and Lady getting used to us, there’s no doubt it was a match that was meant to be.

For Barry, Pam and Erin, Lady is the perfect dog to replace our love for Daisy.

The only drawback is I’m having to get out of bed 30 minutes earlier every morning to walk, or better yet run, Lady. To be honest, I enjoy it.

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