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Save those clippings

Last week Gary Hickman and I visited the Holly Springs High School gym to take some MVP photos.

As we were about to leave, coach Sylvester Kilgore invited us to the boys’ locker room.

“Let me show you something right quick before you leave,” he said.

It was a beautiful sight to see for this community newspaper editor.

Newspaper clippings from The South Reporter were taped inside individual lockers and spread all over the walls in the room.

There were action photos, game stories, feature stories, photos of players signing with colleges and so on.

I told him how much I appreciated him taking the time to do such a thing.

But this wasn’t about me, The South Reporter or Coach Kilgore.

“It’s all about the kids,” he said.

I could not agree more.

The newspaper belongs to the community. We just get the pleasure of producing it on a weekly basis.

And one of the most important parts of your newspaper each week is reporting the accomplishments of our young people – athletically and academically.

And we could not do it without the help of the administrators, coaches, teachers and others associated with the schools across our county.

One of the highlights, for me personally, when I am walking the halls or courtside or on the sideline, is having the kids greet “Mr. Barry” or the “man from the newspaper” and say things like “take my picture” or “put me in the newspaper.”

It’s rewarding – keeps me going. The kids make the extra hours all worth it.

I still remember the newspaper reporters and photographers from when I was in high school. And I still appreciate their photos and articles.

Yes, I still have clippings from my high school basketball days at Hamilton, Ala., High School. That’s because my mother took the time to cut them out, put them on the refrigerator for a period of time and then save them all in a box.

If nothing else, I can prove to my children that yes, their dad was a pretty good ball player back in the day.

And I still have clippings from academic achievements, too – more proof to my children for me.

And I still have copies of my high school newspaper.

A newspaper, thank goodness, can be preserved.

I’ve read several stories recently about how newspapers are dying. Don’t dig the graves just yet.

At least here at The South Reporter, we’re still very much alive and kicking. That’s because community newspapers who put the community and its people first are far from dying. We have to do our job and do it well.

I read a recent article entitled, “Why newspapers are still important.”

One reason listed was – they still cover the average folks. It said community newspaper reporters have a certain solidarity with the common man or woman because they are the common man or woman.

Thank you, Coach Kilgore, and others in our community who help us carry out The South Repor­ter’s mission.

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