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Good news in our county

The good thing about a community newspaper is the good news within its pages.

And one of the most enjoyable assignments I often give myself is reporting the good news.

A few weeks back I learned of Maurey Manufacturing’s 100th birthday celebration. I couldn’t attend the event on a Saturday afternoon, but I followed up with an interview with Sharon Maurey and Paul Grewel at the facility in Holly Springs.

Maurey’s story is a feel-good story. It’s a family story.

The company got its start in 1917, and in the 1980s, it relocated its production from Chicago, Ill., to Holly Springs.

In those 100 years, it has been led only by the Maurey family – four generations.

Days of home-owned, home-operated businesses are dwindling. Yet Maurey, which makes power transmission components, has built an outstanding reputation of service and quality.

It has maintained its family-based, solid foundation – focusing on what it does best – but it has also adapted over the years as far as new machinery and technology.

I love reporting stories like the Maurey story.

Congratulations to Joe, Sharon and Taylor Maurey and the entire Maurey Manufacturing family. We’re blessed to have this family operation thriving right here in the industrial park in the City of Holly Springs.

And as long as we’re talking economic development, the past couple of front pages of your community newspaper have contained more stories about growth in the Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park.

Featured October 12, on the same front page with Maurey, was the ribbon-cutting at Niagara Bottling. Hopefully, you read Sue Watson’s story, which included a report on her conversation with company founder and chairman Andrew Peykoff Sr.

He started small and by taking advantage of opportunities that came his way, he grew big. And today, Niagara is a household name. Hard work, integrity and customer service are the keys, Peykoff said.

Much like the Maureys, he said he sees his company as one happy family.

Hats off to local and state officials who helped bring Niagara to Marshall County. Our county continues to be at the top of the radar when it comes to economic development.

Another testimony to that growth and success came last week when Rockfon celebrated its official opening. It is ROCKWOOL Group’s first stone wool acoustic ceiling product plant in North America and its fifth worldwide. It is located next to the group’s ROXUL factory at Chickasaw Trail.

The facility started production in July and has been functioning well ever since, with the first deliveries already having been made to U.S. customers.

This is a prime example of one good thing (ROXUL) leading to another (Rockfon) for Marshall County.

And again, that is due to the teamwork of the city, county and state officials when it comes to economic development. It’s not easy landing new industry, but our county is making the headlines – and good ones.

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