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Homegrown businesses

Even in Little Rock, I like to visit the homegrown businesses.

We were back in Arkansas for Labor Day weekend. Our daughter Emma is in the first month of a new job there.

A lot of people have asked – “How is Emma liking her new job?”

The answer is a resounding, “She loves it.”

On our recent trip, we again passed by Fuller & Son Hardware downtown. Emma and I had made a stop there a few weeks earlier when we were moving her into her apartment. We needed a few things – like small nails, a lamp finial and, of course, we picked up a few other odds and ends, too.

When we discovered we needed the items, I suggested we go in search of the local hardware store. And it was a wonderful experience, just like going to Booker Hardware right here on the square in Holly Springs.

These hometown hardware stores basically have everything you need. And the people working there are extremely nice and very helpful. I’ve found Fuller & Son and Booker Hardware to be prime examples.

I even told the folks at Fuller & Son about Booker’s.

“Your store reminds me of the one in my hometown,” I said.

They smiled and said, “Thank you and y’all come back.”

Practically in unison, Emma and I responded, “I’m sure we will.”

Fuller & Son Hardware has been serving central Arkansas since 1921. Booker Hardware has been serving our area since 1837.

On the recent trip to Little Rock, after church on Sunday, we started looking for places to eat. We always prefer to pick the local establishments – not the chains.

We selected The Purple Cow Restaurant, largely because our daughter Erin, who was with us on the trip, loves purple. And pretty much everything in The Purple Cow Restaurant was purple, even the milk shakes.

The Purple Cow Restaurant started in 1989 with a restaurant modeled after classic diners of the ’50s. It now has four locations.

The food was fantastic. The nostalgic atmosphere was fun.

And Erin just had to have a purple T-shirt.

North Little Rock, where Emma lives, and Little Rock look to be focused on revitalization of their downtown areas. And that’s a great sign.

On her move-in date, in early August, we also picked up some “to-go” barbecue at a small, home-owned establishment named Mick’s Bar-B-Q. It had rave reviews and after sampling it, we agreed that it was delicious – some of the best we’d ever eaten.

Interestingly, we told the owner we were from Mississippi, and he asked, “What part?”

When we said, “Holly Springs,” his face lit up. He  said his family once lived in Holly Springs and operated a barbecue restaurant here and in Senatobia.

Yes, it’s a small world.

There’s plenty more homegrown businesses in Little Rock on our list to check out. I’m sure we will check a few more off on our next trip.

And thanks for supporting your hometown newspaper.

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