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Happy type of sore

It’s a good thing when things fall into place for you.

It’s even a better thing when things fall into place for your children.

A couple of months ago, we thought our oldest daughter Emma was heading to Orlando to work. She was OK with that and looking forward to the move, but it was obvious this was not her preference out of grad school.

Suddenly, after already making lots of plans to move  774 miles from home, she got a call about a job she had applied for in Little Rock, Ark.

So, she put Orlando on hold, and focused her energy on landing a job as a U.S. probation officer just 188 miles from Holly Springs.

After an extensive interview, lots and lots of prayers and more correspondence and paperwork in regards to possibly getting the federal position, she drove to Little Rock about six weeks ago and was offered the job.

Needless to say, she quickly said yes.

And when she called her parents from Little Rock that day, I don’t know who was more excited – her or us. I shouted out loud from my office.

Emma, 26, has long focused on academics and reaching career goals. She is a whole lot smarter than her dad. Most likely, she inherited a lot of knowledge, talent and skills from both Pam and me, but most of those qualities she gained through her own dedication and hard work.

And let’s also give credit to educators at Aberdeen Elementary School, Nora Davis Magnet School in Laurel, Marshall Academy, the University of Southern Mississippi (undergrad work) and the University of Mississippi (master’s in criminal justice).

We hear a lot of not so good about education in our state, but the good folks at all five of those schools mentioned above helped mold Emma into the person she is today. She had some wonderful teachers.

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, we moved Emma to Little Rock. She starts her new job August 21.

I’d never been to downtown Little Rock until our first trip there on July 12 to start apartment hunting.

There’s a lot of revitalization taking place there, and in adjoining North Little Rock. It was an enjoyable visit.

After checking out about six different apartment complexes, she picked her favorite.

Then after getting medical clearance and her start date, last week, with the help of good friends Eddie and Marcia Owens, we loaded up her stuff and headed west.

It had been a few years (Emma’s freshman year at USM) that I had moved furniture up flights of stairs. And I’ve put on a lot of weight since then.

Emma wanted a third floor apartment – less noise, she said. After about 20 trips up and down those stairs, I was ready to crash.

And writing this on Friday, after two days in Little Rock, I’m still sore. But it’s a happy type of sore.

Late Thursday night after getting back from Little Rock, Emma sent me a text, “Thanks again for all that y’all have done for me during this move. I love you.”

I responded, “You are welcome. It’s just a parent thing. Love you, too.”

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