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Team Up to Clean Up

In recent weeks, I’ve seen Holly Springs residents picking up litter on the streets near their houses.

One was near my neighborhood. And the effort definitely made a difference, at least for a brief period.

A few days later, the mowers drove along the sides of Chulahoma Avenue as it leaves the city and turns into Hernando Road.

The grass has to be cut. And I appreciate those workers taking care of that task.

But due to those who choose to trash our streets, the mowing meant fast food boxes, paper and bags, cups and other paper items being cut and scattered. It almost looked like it had snowed in June.

Then a few days later, there was fresh trash along the same stretch of road, on top of the freshly-cut grass.

Just this week I saw a couple of Mountain Dew bottles, a Pepsi can, a couple of empty plastic bags, a beer can, a fast food container or two, and that’s just to name a small bit of the litter.

I see this same type of litter on other streets in our city too. And I see the same thing when I drive across many roads in the county.

I believe in the past year, I’ve written about the litter problem in our city and county at least four times. And odds are, I will continue to write about it.

Headlines from city and county board meetings continue to call attention to the problems of trash, litter, illegal dumping, etc., and our elected officials’ focus on making it better are making a difference.

It’s good to see plans come into action.

I believe the city’s recent Team Up to Clean Up campaign is a tremendous positive, and I see can see good results. Different groups are getting involved in helping to keep our city clean, and here’s hoping more will jump on the bandwagon and help.

I appreciate our city and county workers who assist greatly with beautification efforts, in  Holly Springs, Byhalia, Potts Camp and across our county.

You might think litter in our county is a minor problem in the overall scheme of things. I would disagree.

The first impression of visitors to our community is so very important. We want them to sing our praises after passing through Marshall County. We want them to stay awhile, spend some money, experience Southern hospitality and come back again.

Litter has a negative effect on economic development.

The problem of illegal trash and littering is a quality of life issue.

The City of Holly Springs, earlier this year, adopted a Litter Management Plan. In it is a mission statement – to deliver quality, affordable services that ensure the health, safety and well-being of our citizens, while collaborating throughout the community to ensure its economic, social and environmental vitality. It goes on to say the city is partnering with the community to enhance the quality of life, consistent with our history, culture and unique character.

There are lots of other reasons why littering and illegal dumping are a major problem, not a minor one.

A clean and beautiful community is a huge boost, in so many ways.

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