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Visiting Pocket Museum

Erin didn’t have a lot of definite plans for us when we visited her in Hattiesburg the last weekend of January.

But one thing she said – “We have to go to the Pocket Museum.”

I was kind of caught off guard.Then she said, “It’s in the alley, downtown.”

I was still very curious.

So Saturday morning, after eating breakfast in downtown Hattiesburg at the Depot Kit - chen & Market, we walked to the Pocket Museum.

And we weren’t the only ones there at about 10:30.

I guess it sort of got its name from a pocket park, which is defined by Wikipedia as a small park accessible to the public. They are frequently created on a single vacant building lot or on small, irregular pieces of land and sometimes in parking spots.

Every month at the Pocket Museum, there’s something different to see.

The January exhibit featured a clothesline that was a work of art. And the art was mostly made of yarn.

In fact, yarn artwork was everywhere, on the pipes and the switchboxes – all colorful and some creating interestinglooking creatures. I had my photo taken with a free-standing one that looked like a Elmo, but not red, with glasses.

There were small fish made of yarn and much more.

I immediate thought of Blues Alley in Holly Springs and the possibilities there – and not yarn.

I thought about all the local musicians and artists and what could be highlighted throughout Blues Alley. The possibilities are endless.

In February, the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum, established in 2020, will present “Ink in the Alley.” It will feature artwork created by talented tattoo artists.

Hattiesburg, for many years, has been a regular road trip for Pam and I. Erin is our third child to attend the University of Southern Mississippi.

After moving her into the dorm in August of last year, we did not get to go back during the first semester. This semester it our goal to go more than once.

The last week of January we also attended the USM versus Louisiana Tech women’s basketball game. The Lady Eagles dominated the fourth quarter and won 57-44.

Pam and I met some new friends, the parents of one of Erin’s new best friends, and got to renew some old acquaintances and make new ones when attending church with her on Sunday.

Two more of Erin’s new friends spent some time with us, too, either at the ball game or dining out.

Yes, we continued to eat well on this road trip.

We went to Chesterfield’s. It’s a landmark restaurant in Hattiesburg, once located right across from the USM campus at the corner of Hardy Street and U.S. 49. It is now west of there, on the other side of I-55. The food was still excellent.

Saturday night, we enjoyed one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Hattiesburg –Papitos Grill.

And I failed to mention going to the Lucky Rabbit, a two-story flea market downtown. Basically, I just accompanied the ladies, but it was great – popular with the locals and tourists.

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