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Detour to Hot Springs

We didn’t really have a back-up plan, but we quickly found one.

A few weeks back, Pam and I had planned a trip to Gulf Shores with good friends Kerry and Kristi Reid.

Then came Hurricane Sally.

Needless to say, our reservations got cancelled. But that was the least of our worries. Like everyone, we were most concerned about those living along the Gulf Coast of Alabama, plus ocean -front areas of other states recently hit hard by storms.

The unfortunate happenings of 2020 just seem to keep on coming. Just this past weekend, Hurricane Delta dealt another blow to Louisi ana, which was struck by Hurricane Laura in August.

Prayers certainly continue for all affected by all of the recent hurricanes.

As for our September vacation, we switched to a condo in Hot Springs, Ark., along Lake Hamilton.

It wasn’t our first trip to Hot Springs, and it won’t be our last. Going to Hot Springs is always enjoyable.

This particularly trip, more than most of our vaca tions, was a whole lot about just relaxa - tion. We spent a lot of time on the deck, watching the turtles.

The four of us spent a few hours one day at Garvan Woodland Gardens, the botani - cal garden of the University of Arkansas.

It was our second time there. We were there once for a wedding, on a rainy after - noon.

This time, we got to walk the trails and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Some of the areas included Millsap Canopy Bridge, Daffo - dil Hill, Garden of the Pine Wood, Shannon Perry Hope Overlook and Warren’s Walk.

From the waterfalls, to the flowers to the architectural structures, it’s a wonderful place to roam and relax.

And we picked the perfect day – cloud cover with com - fortable temperatures.

We also enjoyed some new dining experiences while at Hot Springs.

My favorite, no doubt, was Back Porch Grill.

On the Saturday of the trip, we all went to an Escape Room. Our daughter Emma drove over from Little Rock, Ark, to join us – and so did Kelley Autry, a good friend of Kerry’s who used to work with him at the sheriff’s department. Kelley and his family live near Little Rock and he works at the same place as Emma.

The Escape Room adven - ture was a first for me. Kelley, Pam and Emma had successfully met the challenges of Escape Rooms before.

To be honest, I did not think I would enjoy it at all.

But I did. It was neat.

We chose the “not too difficult” one, and we actually set a record for the quickest escape.

Then the young lady in charge, being the salesperson she is supposed to be, challenged us to try the most challenging of the rooms.

Of course, we were feeling really good about ourselves, so we unanimously said, “yes.”

This one was a whole lot more difficult. We didn’t solve it until the last minute, and we’re still not really sure how we did it. But at least, we escaped.

This trip wasn’t to the beach, which the Burlesons always seem to enjoy the most. But it was definitely a good time. Here’s hoping we can do it again soon, at Hot Springs or elsewhere.

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