Fielder’s Choice

Smiles galore at ball park

Just prior to taking the field, one player had to rush to the bathroom.

Another wasn’t sure if he wanted to take the field. He was hanging close to his dad.

When the players took to the diamond, they all wanted to go to one spot.

When one of the coaches got them at their so-called positions, one jumped up and down. Another made sure his cap was turned backwards. Another put her glove on and took it off, put her glove on and took it off and so on. Another got down to a knee.

When the first ball was hit, it rolled past everyone. But three or four quickly ran it down. The one who got it wasn’t really sure whether to throw it or run with it or give it to a teammate.

Friday night, I took photos at a T-ball game. It was great – brought back memories of my own children at that age.

One player, whose bat was almost as big as him, had some trouble hitting the ball. The coach helped him focus. And when he hit it, he was excited. He was so excited that he ran onto the field toward the pitcher’s circle rather than to first base.

A coach wanted one batter to try another bat – a smaller one. He tried it. But in the end, he requested the other bat back, and the coach ran to the dugout and got it.

Another player, after hitting the ball, made it from base to base, with a coach running alongside, providing direction.

Between innings, one player from one team wandered into the dugout of the other team. I’m sure he was just making new friends, or perhaps he had a friend on the other team.

Everyone batted each inning.

Everyone played in the field each inning.

Everyone ran around the bases each inning, with all scoring.

No one kept score.

This wasn’t about winning and losing.

It was all about fun.

I saw the joy on a child’s face as she rounded third headed home.

I saw the huge smile when the coach told another who crossed home plate, “Way to go,” and gave him a “highfive.”

The children’s smiles made the photographer smile.

I was talking to Kelvin Buck, mayor of Holly Springs, about a week ago and he said, “Barry, the fields at Sam Coopwood Park are really busy. It’s going well.”

And it’s indeed a beautiful sight to see.

When I left the park Thursday, the lights were on and Tball, baseball and softball games were in progress on the various fields. Cars filled the parking lot. Parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and others gathered in lawn chairs and on bleachers to watch.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the Marshall County Dizzy Dean League is one of the most important things we have going for us.

Kids are having a blast. And it’s bringing people together from all our communities – young and old alike.

Thank you to everyone involved with the county’s Dizzy Dean program. No one is getting paid. It’s volunteerism at its best.

Visit the ball park in May. You’ll certainly leave with a smile on your face.

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