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Hot water was not...

You know, when one thing breaks, everything else in the house falls apart. Never fails.

Recently, I noticed my hot water wasn’t hot, it was lukewarm. The next day, it was cold. I brilliantly deduced that my hot water heater had broken.

Brother Danny came down, stopped and bought a top element, because a friend told him that was more than likely what it was — apparently, it’s always the top element. Bear in mind that I only have the foggiest idea of what I’m talking about with elements, etc.

Danny replaced the top element and went his merry way saying I’d have hot water soon.

I didn’t.

He came back, replaced the bottom element and the thermostat and something else that I can’t remember. I just know he had three things in his hand when he went out to fix the hot water heater.

He left and said I’d have hot water soon.

I didn’t.

He came back that Saturday and so did grandson-in-law Tim, who is an electrician.

Tim said let’s check everything again, even though it’s new. Might be a bad part. Danny thought that was silly, but they checked anyway.

The first top element Danny had put in was bad. It had broken off and dropped down and tangled with the bottom element.

Within an hour I had hot water again. After nearly a week of cold water showers, I made a beeline for the shower and parboiled myself.

Danny and Tim had encountered a mystery though. They found a stray water line attached to the water heater that went nowhere. They fooled with it some and all they found was a long, black king snake hiding in the insulation.

Then, I noticed a puddle of water in my floor. Right where the old refrigerator with its water line used to be. And the puddle was growing.

Danny is/was working seven days a week, 12 hours a day. He couldn’t come.

Tim was sitting home staring at granddaughter Merideth who is in her 10th month of pregnancy (not really, just feels like it). They’re not going more than 10 minutes from the hospital.

So, daughter Dana went under the house, pulled the extra water line out and turned the little spigot off. Water stopped leaking.

Next time something breaks, I’m calling Dana first!

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