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Milestone birthday

Last Sunday most of our family went to Memphis Barbecue in Southaven to celebrate a momentous birthday.

Without naming any particular old person, someone in our family was 65 on Aug. 12. I can assure you it wasn’t me. I’m 39+ and holding.

We had to choose a restaurant in Southaven, as oldest granddaughter Merideth is on the verge of giving birth to my second great-grandchild. I’m getting a girl this time. (I have to say I’m a tad bit disappointed. Shepard, my first great-grandchild, is the first boy born in our family since son Kris was born -- 43 years ago!)

Mere’s husband Tim is very excited about a girl though. His entire family is excited. Ruby June is going to be one spoiled little girl. Shepard was the first grandchild in the Chalk family and Ruby June is going to be the first girl Chalk in 52 years.

I should mention that Tim is one of seven Chalk brothers. It would be so cool if Graham, the seventh brother, would have seven sons -- I’ve always been intrigued by the seventh son of a seventh son (thanks, Johnny Rivers).

But I digress. I was talking about the family member who turned 65. It wasn’t me though.

I usually cook birthday dinner for whomever is having a birthday. But, for daughter Dana’s birthday, we went to her favorite Italian restaurant, Pete and Sam’s, in Memphis, Tenn. It’s a new trend for us.

We got to sit in the back room with a couple having a 50th anniversary party. We were one of only three tables that weren’t a part of their celebration. As they were consuming countless bottles of wine, it was a strange atmosphere.

I didn’t get barbecue at Memphis Barbecue. There’s several really good places to get barbecue here. I wanted something different.

No one at our table got the donut burger. It’s a regular burger, cheese and all, on two donuts instead of a bun. I love donuts. I love burgers. Ain’t no way I’m eating them together.

I had cheese fritters and voodoo pasta. Cheese fritters are like cheese sticks except round. These were really good.

Voodoo pasta is similar to chicken alfredo. Add some smoked sausage and make it really spicy hot and you’ve got voodoo pasta.

I also ate brother Dennis’ side order of fried okra. It was good and my mouth needed something not burning.

After all, old people have to be careful.

Because yes, I was 65!

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