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It was a good day!

• We had a shower/party Sunday afternoon celebrating my youngest granddaughter’s upcoming nuptials.

I, along with several of her mom’s friends on Facebook, am having a hard time reconciling that “baby” Remy is actually old enough to get married. After all, as Diana says, she’s only 5.

Mitch, prospective groom, was also at the shower. He came to  help. After sticking some of the bows to his head and cutting some of the ribbons, his mom Laura gleefully told him that cut ribbons meant babies. He and Remy just laughed and laughed. But he didn’t touch another ribbon.

I love party food and appetizers and such. Remy had asked for egg salad sandwiches (I use olives instead of pickle relish and Remy and Mitch both just scarf it up.) I also made Uncle Johnny’s turkey, swiss and cream cheese sandwiches and some lemonade punch. Mitch brought some tortilla pinwheels and Buffalo chicken and it was all good.

The best stuff there though was what daughter Dana brought. She made some naan (East Indian flat bread — vaguely resembles pita bread) and a baked cheese dip that was out-of-this-world delicious.

You took the naan and tore it, then scooped some of the cheese dip up with the bread and, I promise, it was so good! Probably the best party food I’ve had in a long time.

• On the way to church for the shower, Mitch was afraid he was going to get a ticket. A MHP officer flipped on his lights on Hwy. 310. Mitch kept saying, “I wasn’t speeding!” He drives a ground truck for FedEx and cannot get a ticket without his dad, who owns the trucks, killing him. Well, not literally. But, the officer wasn’t after Mitch so he gets to live.

I was stopped by the MHP a couple weeks ago and I also had my cruise control on. I kept telling the officer that I was only going 60. He did not give me a ticket but gently reminded me about 20 times that the speed limit is 55 mph. Not 60.

I’d heard somewhere that MHP was cracking down on speeders. I know that Hwy. 7 is a race track lately. I speed if I’m not careful and after my horrendous ticket on Memorial Day, I use my cruise control all the time.

And I nearly get blown off the road by all the big ole cars and pickup trucks that fly past me like I’m not even moving.

For all us law-abiding drivers it’s very frustrating. So I’m happy to see MHP out and stopping someone else.

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