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World is getting hotter, I’m cold

Why you need to care about climate change – now.

Around the world, scientists are tracking storms that are bigger, heat that is more intense and droughts that last longer.

It’s climate change at work — here are the facts.

Global warming changes climate. Human activity – mainly burning fossil fuels and chopping down forests – has caused average temperatures to rise worldwide. That’s global warming.

The warmer atmosphere triggers climate change, or shifts in normal climate patterns. Such deviations can result in more severe weather.

Changes breed intense weather — hotter air increases ocean evaporation. A warmer atmosphere also can hold more water, which can intensify weather events.

Heatwaves are stronger. Storm surges rise higher. Blizzards bring more snowfall. The number of natural disasters has more than tripled since 1970 – 90 percent of them are weather-related.

Such changing conditions have consequences. Coral reefs are dying. Forests are crumbling. Arctic animals, such as polar bears, are losing the sea ice they call home.

We, too, feel the effects. Climate change threatens our agriculture, health, water supply, infrastructure and more.

No part of the world is immune.

My friend Google took me right to the NASA website, when I asked about climate change. All of the above was stolen from that site.

I worry about global warming, etc. I worry about all the wild animals and what’s left of the Amazon rain forests.

The earth is burning up rapidly, right now in California and Greece.

So, I want someone to tell me why I’m cold.

As I write this on Tuesday, I’m sitting at my computer with what editor Barry calls my blanket wrapped around me. I’m freezing.

At home I have the same problem. Doesn’t matter how cool or warm the house is — I’m cold. It drives son Kris crazy. He has a normal body temperature.

My body temperature always runs low. If the thermometer says 98.6, I have a degree or so of fever.

On the news Tuesday morning, (Brittany on Channel 5) I heard that the high was going to be 83. Everyone but me is happy. I’m cold.

If the global warming keeps up and temps keep falling I’m gonna be in serious trouble.

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