Close to Nowhere

Monday morning

I knew it was Monday morning when I woke up Monday morning and had no idea what day it was.

The day before was daughter Dana’s birthday and we’d gone to Memphis, Tenn., to her favorite Italian restaurant.

Not only do we never go anywhere on a Sunday night, it stormed all the way home. Lots of lightning, thunder and lots and lots of heavy rain.

When I woke up Monday, I was pretty sure it was either Saturday or Sunday. Never entered my mind that it might be Monday.

By the time the snooze alarm had gone off a couple times, I realized it was Monday and I had to get up.

I’ve mentioned duck Fido here before. He wags his tail feathers and loves to be petted.

Saturday, I’d run to get some thread for youngest granddaughter Remy’s wed­ding dress. It takes special thread to make a special dress!

Anyway — when I got home, Fido met me at the carport, like he always does and I petted him, like I always do.

A couple of hours later, I took the trash out and Fido attacked me. He pecked hard and he’s a big duck and it hurt. He climbed up the back steps and followed me into the house, pecking at me all the while.

Sunday, Fido attacked Remy and her fiancé while they were in the carport.

So Monday, I’m already kind of running late and hurrying — I’d dropped my tomato while making my lunch and made a mess, which just made me hurry more and mess up more.

Anyway, I opened the door and started to carry all the stuff out to the car. Here came  Fido waddling as fast as he could and hissing and quacking. And I noticed that he wasn’t wagging his tail feathers. He always wags his tail feathers.

Dana had brought a “time-out” cage for him, so I could toss it over him, and she’d left it in the carport. Remy tried it Sunday and Fido just spread his big, wide wings and threw it off.

I had the cage in one hand and stuff in the other as I shuffled out to the car. Apparently, Fido remembered the time-out cage from Sunday and he stayed out of range.

Finally, finally, I was in the car with all my stuff, ready to head to work.

I dropped my key fob between the passenger seat and the console. It will crank without the key, as long as it’s in the car. So I drove down the road a bit before getting out to dig around and find the fob.

Take that, Fido!

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