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Several of my Facebook friends and I have off and on been nagging Kellogg’s. They bought out the company (Jackson’s) that made Lemon Jumbles and discontinued them. Lemon Jumbles were wonderful. Soft, puffy (well not really, but a little puffed), and super delicious with just the right amount of lemon. Not a hard, tart taste or even a weak, watery taste. Just the perfect amount of lemon.

And Kellogg’s discontinued them! Our little group on Facebook thinks Lemon Jumbles are the best cookies ever and Kellogg’s discontinued them. (I’ll have to go back to harassing Kellogg’s over email again.)

I got a press release here at work Monday morning that has me all stirred up over another favorite.

Necco’s is trying to sell their production company and nobody is buying and so pretty soon, the world is going to be without Necco Wafers as well as Lemon Jumbles!

The New England Confec­tionary Company (Nec­co) also makes Mary Janes, Clark Bars, and the most popular Valentine’s Day conversation candy — Sweethearts.  

Necco’s has been around since the mid-1800s. Almost all of their candies are legendary.

I got the press release from a blog — I saw the headline and nearly passed out — The Great Necco Wafer Panic. “People are panicked buying Necco Wafers in fear of factory closing.”

According to the article they sent (which they said could be picked and chosen from).

But it is happening right now. People are panicked buying Necco Wafers candy in bulk.

One young woman contacted and offered to trade her used Honda Accord for all their Necco Wafers. That deal didn’t work but she did buy a couple boxes on her credit card.

“A nice older woman called and wanted to buy 100 pounds of the junior roll-sized Necco Wafers. When she mentioned they are better for vacuum sealing, our team pressed for details... This woman plans to vacuum seal Necco Wafers so that her supply will remain as fresh as possible...for years.”

Potential buyers of Necco need to hear how popular these products are and how important it is to keep Necco in Revere, Mass.

Here’s the site where the article came from. Very bright, attractive and informative article. Just with such bad news...

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