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Baby in car for four hours?

I drove to Nashville, Tenn., to see my niece, Sister, and other assorted family this past weekend.

Sister has three granddaughters — one 5-year-old and two 3-year-olds. I took my 14-month-old great-grandson, Shepard, with me. I am smarter than I look though, so I also took my newly-engaged youngest grand­­daughter with me to help with the baby. That was an exceptional idea — Shepard’s mother was not convinced that I could stop at a gas station by myself with the baby in the car.

(I used to drive to Sister’s house — in Texas, in Little Rock, in Jonesboro) with my granddaughters when they were babies. Their mother apparently trusted me more.)

The only time we left the house was for dinner Saturday night. Eric, Donny, Blake, Sister, Remy and I, took Emeri, Sophia, Evi and Shepard to a large Mexican-themed restaurant. I can’t say much good about the service, etc. so I won’t mention which restaurant.

You’d think eight adults could corral and manage four small children. You would be insane for thinking that. Each small child needs at least three, preferably four, adults at all times.

Emeri, Sophia and Evi sat at one end of the table together. They sang, held hands, played quietly. They are girls. One of the little ones got upset when a cheese quesadilla that had already been refused was given to Shepard. Apparently she did want it after all, but only after he’d mutilated it and thrown it in the floor.

He was pretty cranky by the end of dinner, and God bless Donny, he figured out why and held Shepard and let him look at pictures of his mom and dad on his phone. Shepard apparently missed Mom and Dad pretty bad.

I think Remy missed her Mitch more than Shepard missed his parents though. She started being real quiet Saturday morning and by Saturday evening was completely miserable. She and Shepard were in good company!

The drive to Nashville took forever because we went through rush hour traffic. It was horrible.

The drive home Sunday was worse. Shepard was ready to see Mom and Dad! He was not happy!

When Tim picked Shepard up from the car seat it was priceless though. That baby just glowed seeing Tim and Mere. Almost as much as they glowed seeing him.

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