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The IRS better not call me now

The phone call from the IRS was the very last straw. I just totally blew a gasket, the top of my head came off, and steam blew out my ears.

Actually, I heard the woman on the answering machine. I don’t answer my land line phone anymore.

This message just finished me off — first there was a siren sound, then a female, very stident voice, telling me she was from the IRS and this was my last notice before they took me to court. She gave me a case number, and blew the siren again.

I’m pretty sure that if the IRS was suing me that I would have heard about it through official channels. Certified letter, maybe a legal document of some sort presented to me, they’d come drag me off screaming to wherever they hide people who don’t pay their taxes (I pay mine; I’m terrified of the IRS!).

Monday evening I had 23 messages on my land line. One message was from my brother Danny. The remaining 22 were either screaming at me from the IRS, telling me that I’d better hurry up and choose their prescription Medicare supplement, or, my favorite, a young, very happy female telling me how much they enjoyed me staying at their resort and guess what? They had tickets on sale for me to go back.

I’ve never been to a resort of any sort. Certainly not one for young, single, adults.

Brandon Presley is Mississippi’s Public Service Commissioner. We elect him to, among many other things, protect our phone privacy.

At work Tuesday, I went to his web page ( —  or you can call him at 1-800-637-7722) to see if I could find a magic answer.

Of course, there’s not one, but I did find an app for cell phones — if you get a telemarketer call you can use this app and report the number immediately. And it does eventually get the abusers in hot water.

The Public Service Commissioner is legally charging 16 companies for violating Mississippi’s No-Call Law.

My land line and my cell phone are listed on the state and federal No-Call Law lists. I’ve installed the new app on my cell phone and I intend to use it.

The next time the IRS calls me, I’m going to be ready!

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